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Fountainhead Regional Park

The mountain bike trails Fountainhead Regional Park, managed my Nova Parks are one of the regions most successful off-road cycling projects.

Originally conceived by a band of riders from MORE in early 1994, and re-designed with the International Mountain Biking Organization (IMBA) in 2010 – 2014, the new Fountainhead trail is challenging, fun, and an incredibly rewarding system of trails.

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Fountainhead Regional Park

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Fountainhead Features: 38.719595, -77.326037
Entering the Black Loop: 38.718122, -77.324438
Dropping into Fountainhead: 38.723697, -77.328869
Fountainhead Black Loop View: 38.712187, -77.319514
Fountainhead Wood Feature: 38.717059, -77.319846
Fountainhead Features - POV: 38.719855, -77.325833
First Black Loop Drop: 38.714682, -77.316585

The Bull Run Occoquan Trail (BROT)


The entrance to the BROT is clearly Marked.

A recent addition to the Fountainhead Regional Park inventory is the Bull Run Occoquan Trail (BROT). Although the trail has been a staple in the park for a long time, it was only opened to bikes in the summer of 2016.

The trail is an out-and-back from the main parking lot at Fountainhead to the Bull Run Marina. Beyond the Marina, the trail continues to be closed to bikes.

The opening of the BROT to mountain bikers is the result of a strong collaborative relationship between NOVA Parks (Formerly the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority) and MORE. MORE’s successful completion of the Fountainhead Project (FHP) combined with the support of MORE’s partners in the hiking and equestrian communities helped seal this new collaboration.

The trail is rugged and at times severe. The trail represents a classic example of what riders had available to ride in the region in the early to mid 90s, before MORE became heavily involved in advocacy in the region. Over the course of the next couple of years MORE will work to re-route and rebuild sections of the BROT to make it more sustainable, easier to maintain and more enjoyable to ride and hike. Outdated waterbars and non-sustainable trail building methods and techniques will be replaced with tested trail building methods.

The first phase of the MORE BROT project began in the summer of 2016. Full multiuser access to the BROT is expected to be a multi-phase, multi-year effort, with the ultimate goal of redesigning large unsustainable sections of the trail as well as adding loop options into the design. In the future, riders should expect a trail that is similar to (ability wise) to Maryland’s Seneca Ridge Trail.

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Bull Run Occoquan Trail

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Bull Run Occoquan Trail: 38.733665, -77.356281
The Fountainhead Black Trail entrance
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