Jason on the Schaeffer Red Trail

Jason on the Schaeffer Red Trail

I had the chance to do a mini epic ride last week at Schaeffer Farms and finally had the opportunity to ride the Red Connector trail that ties the Schaeffer Farms trail yellow loop with the Hoyles Mill connector. This new trail, approximately 2 miles long (1.9) now allows you to by-pass the open fields and paved paths of the Germantown Soccerplex and seamlessly connect Schaeffer Farms trail to the Hoyles Mill connector trail and subsequently Black Hill Regional Park further to the north.

The Red trail has actually been around for quite some time, but as I mention in the latest edition of Mountain Biking the Washington D.C./Baltimore Area it was seldom used.

Before, the Red Connector simply was an out-and-back trail to open fields adjacent to Schaeffer Farms trail. Now, the trail heads north along the Little Seneca Creek as it crosses Schaeffer Road before turning east toward the Soccerplex and the Hoyles Mill Connector.

The trail is super fun to ride in either direction, but I found it way more enjoyable on the way back from Hoyles to Schaeffer Farms since it was predominantly downhill.

The trail is hard packed and very similar to the Seneca Ridge Trail (SRT) with several rocky sections – nothing to technical or intimidating.

Advanced riders used to Schaeffer Farms trail will love it because it will allow them to connect two popular trail systems to piece a ride that can extend beyond 30 miles (my outing last week neared 26 miles). Novice to intermediate riders will love it because it will give them an additional option to either extend their rides or simply ride part of the yellow trail and the Germantown SoccerPlex paths as a short loop.

The Schaeffer Farms Trail Red Connector

The Map below will give you a good idea where the trail is in relation to Schaeffer Farms trail and how you can access it. There is a small parking area along Schaffer Road where the trail crosses the road, should you choose to start your ride there.

Red Trail Map

The actual route I rode the other day, including the Red Connector in both directions.