The Fredericksburg Quarry

This is one of those trails that I really wanted to include in the 5th Edition of Mountain Biking The Washington D.C./Baltimore Area but, unfortunately, I was unable to do so. The trails at the Fredericksburg Quarry have been around for a while and they traverse a myriad of private and public properties in the area; Obtaining written permission for those properties proved to be somewhat prohibitive so I opted instead to add it as an honorable mention.

At the time I documented the ride there was also considerable construction going on near the most popular entrance point to the trail along Fair Hill Avenue, but by the time you get out there it will undoubtedly be completed and access to this phenomenal system of trails will be easier. The RideWithGPS route I have embedded below is the one I had planned to detail for the 5th Edition of Mountain Biking The Washington D.C./Baltimore Area and will serve as a great way for you to virtually explore all of the trails in this Fredericksburg destination.

The Fredericksburg Area Mountain Bike Enthusiasts (FAMBE) have a very detailed map of the Quarry trails that you can also download and use as reference.

If you have kids with you, you can ride the Scout Trail to the USGS Trail to the Beach trail and see very little elevation change. That alone would be a great out and back ride with great views of the Rappahanock River.

As you reach the end of the Beach Trail by the fire pit, where it turns left away from the river, the trail’s elevation will increase dramatically and become more challenging. The Owl loop Trail is fun, but the initial climb will keep you honest. You can by-pass the Owl Loop and climb to the entrance of the Rigeline Trail, by far the best section (in my opinion) in the system. If you are pressed for time you can do a quick loop by following the Scout to the USGS trail, up to the Ridgeline trial and then back down by the quarry along the Pool Pass Trail to the intersection of the Scout and USGS trail.

If you have more time I urge you to explore the Epiphany trail (accessible from the Ridgeline trail via the Pool Pas Trail) and then ride under I-95 through the Oboy Tunnel – that alone is an experience – to the East side trails where you can spend a considerable amount of time riding the trails along that side of I-95. There you will experience a lot of elevation changes, but the twisty and tight nature of those trails will bring a huge grin to your face.

If you live anywhere near Fredericksburg I urge you to contact and join FAMBE or FATMUG. FAMBE, along with the Fredericksburg Area Trail Management & User Group (FATMUG) have been working hard to increase the number of trails in the region, extending the already vast number of riding opportunities for us to enjoy even further.