Most of us have had the luck to see The Capitol and ride around it during the day. But on occasion I get lucky and get to head out and spin around DC at night. Such was the deal a few days ago. The book features various rides in the city whcih I don’t recommend doing at night, especially on your own, but you can certainly do portions of some at night – especially near the Capitol. This time around I headed out with my SLR and a tripod to capture a few images of the iconic building at night, including the one above, and below…

The Capitol reflected

The Capitol reflected

Update 10-22-2013

It’s been about 4 months since I took both of the pictures above. This week the Capitol will begin to be wrapped in scaffolding, and will be wrapped for at least 2 years so that the cast iron dome can be repaired.

None of the repairs are “earthquake” related, as they are with the Washington Monument, instead these are simply necessary to repair the effects of time and weather.

No doubt the new skin will give this known landmark an interesting new look – much like the one the obelisk across the park is sporting; The video below will give you a glimpse of what to expect during the nearly $60 Million restoration project.