Quantico Marin Corps Base in Triangle, Virginia, is approximately 30 miles south of Washington, D.C.

Quantico MTB Trails

In order to enjoy the trails at Quantico you need to visit the base with a current Quantico Mountain Bike Club (QMTB) Member or join the QMTB Club. Current Active Duty Military members and DoD civilians can also access the base using their respective government issued IDs.

The trails at Quantico are super fun and highly demanding. Punchy climbs are always followed by steep and fast downhills full of roots and obstacles that make this an incredibly challenging regional trail.

Every spring, the QMTB hosts an annual open house, The Quantico Epic,  that allows non-members to enjoy various routes along the Mainside, Geiger and OCS Trails.

A new section of trails along the west side of the base in area 6c are currently in development.

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