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This journal is a place where I share thoughts and musing. They may or may not be related to cycling. They may be in English or Spanish. It’s simply a repository for the things I put down on paper, shoot on one of my cameras, or something I may have shared on social media.

Danger Panda

Mensajes del pasado

Hay veces me pregunto, a qué mundo estoy adjunto...
Danger Panda

For Pete

Our community lost a gem on Sunday, Aug 30 in a freak cycling accident. All of us who knew Pete were devastated and heart broken by the news. Pete was one of the most loving and compassionate person I had ever met, and I, along with many other of his friends shared a special bond with him.  I was honored when his wife asked me asked to speak to Pete's friends and family during his memorial services. This is what I said...