Yep, finished Ari’s bike project!

It was certainly a labor of love and I learned a few things along the way, including how to properly set up chain tugs (felt like an idiot when I found the actual way to set them up.)

The bike looks and feels great (at least Ari thinks so;) It’s a bit heavier than I expected and still a little too big for her, but I’m confident that in a few months it will be just perfect and will continue to grow with her for a couple of years. The weight will also decrease when we move to 26″ wheels and swap out a couple of the components, including the pedals and cranks.

Ultimately, it is a quality ride that Ari will have and enjoy for a while and which will allow her to ride many miles comfortably.

Here are some pics from the last few days, which have included a couple of rides in our local jaunts, including Laurel Hill and the Prince William Forest Park…