Some times we make mistakes, including a few book errors...

It is inevitable that book of this scope and size will contain some errors of omission and fact. Refer to this page to find corrections and updates to any book errors in Best Bike Rides Washington, DC. and Mountain Biking the Washington D.C./Baltimore Area.

If you find errors in either book that are not listed here, please let us know by using the “Contact Best Rides DC” page or by contacting the publisher, Globe Pequot PressFalcon Guides directly.

Mountain Biking Virginia – Book Errors

  1. Overview Map: The numbering on the overview map is off after ride #11; The location of number 12 is wrong. 13 should be 12, 14 should be 13, 15, should be 14, and so on. Download corrected version of the map.
  2. Author Bio, page 248: Second to last sentence should read “You may run into Martín at one of his local rides at Fountainhead, Laurel Hill, Meadowood, or the …” Laurel is missing an “l”

Best Bike Rides Washington, DC – Book Errors

  1. Contents page: The icon for ride #18 “Prince William Road Ride, Brentsville and Manassas Loop” should be a “Road” icon, NOT a “Mountain Bike Trail” icon
  2. Page 31: ride #4, “The Four Bridges,” The fifth sentence in the 4th paragraph should read: “The two statues, created by American sculptor Leo Friedlander and cast in bronze and donated by the Italian government, were completed and installed on the bridge in 1951.” The word “and” should be added.
  3. Page 49: ride #6, “The Alexandria Loop,” the last sentence on this page should read: “I purposely came in this direction to avoid some climbing…” The word “some” should be deleted.
  4. Page 212: The picture at the top of this page does not belong to ride #27, it belongs to ride #26, “Sugarloaf Mountain Base Loop.”