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Go For a Ride using the Best DC Cycling Guides!

All around Washington, DC, are some great roads, trails, and bike paths that are fun to explore. Best Bike Rides Washington, DC, Mountain Biking the Washington DC/Baltimore Area and Mountain Biking Virginia describe over 80 great bike rides around Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Each route includes complete directions, a map, a text description of the area you’ll be riding, the GPS coordinates of the Start/finish point, and color photos of at least one of the ride’s features. Also included is information on local restaurants, lodging, maps, bicycle shops, and other facilities for cyclists, as well as community resources.

Best Bike Rides DC

Best Bike Rides D.C.Mountain Biking the Washington, D.C./Baltimore Area and Mountain Biking Virginia are regional Washington DC Cycling Guides by local cyclist Martin Fernandez  that feature nearly 100 (combined) of the best bike rides within 1-3 hours of the Washington D.C., the  Baltimore Metro Area and Virgnia.

Whether you are seasoned cyclist enthusiast or new rider passing through DC, new to the area, or a local resident, The Washington DC and Baltimore Areas have some great multi-use/multi terrain trails and paths. The region has some great mountain bike trails, path rides and road rides for your riding pleasure. Let Martin guide you to some of the best biking around DC with one of his DC cycling guides.

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About Martin Fernandez

Martin Fernandez riding Patapsco

Right place at the right time, or wrong place at the wrong time? It really doesn’t matter. I “really” got into cycling by necessity. Yes, I rode a bike all around my neighborhood when I was a kid, but I truly only discovered the real joys of cycling when I had to replace my [totaled] car with a bike.

It was the fall of 1990 in Baltimore, around the vicinity of Loch Raven Reservoir when I crashed my car and could not afford a new one that I bought a bike. Spending $425 on a mountain bike seemed crazy! But the daily commute from Cockeysville to Timonium, MD on that bike changed my life. It introduced me to bike commuting and ultimately the love of my “biking” life, singletrack. My daily trips to and from work turned into long forays within the confines and trails of Loch Raven Reservoir, I simply couldn’t get enough of it.

After a brief cycling hiatus while I attended basic training and served my initial months in The U.S. Army I landed in the Northern Virginia region and made my way into the Mid Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE). It was mid/late 1992, just as the club was forming. The rest as they say is history. I’m still involved with MORE and since then I’ve managed to pen (ride) three regional cycling guides that highlight some of the best riding destinations in the region.

I’ve made some great friends along the way, even lost a few to the sport. I continue to be involved in one way or another to promote, share my knowledge, and mentor new riders into this wonderful activity of ours. Along the way I’ve discovered the road, gravel grinding, single speeds and the pleasure of swinging a cowbell at a CX race. I’ve also learned to love the pain of riding a track bike – though I don’t subscribe to the fixe lifestyle and have yet to discover the “thing” with FAT bikes. I’ve raced a little and in the process managed to break more of the rules than the average rider.

I’m passionate about riding but no expert when it comes to the latest gear or cycling trends; I just try and keep up (pretty much what my riding is like).

What I do manage to know, however, is that there are thousands of enthusiasts like me that love this sport as much as I do. Through these pages I hope to share some of my passion with you, perhaps find something in common. I’m sure there’s something I’ve learned over the last 25 years of riding a bike that I can pass along. I also hope to introduce you to some of those friends I’ve made over the years. Some of the people  that live for our sport an who also want to share their passion with you, and who most certainly know more than I do…

In addition to these pages, you can also find me on Instagram, My alter ego is @BestRidesDC. I love the medium and it’s where you’ll find me most often. I’m also on Twitter (also as @BestRidesDC) and have a presence on Facebook (you guessed it, also as @BestRidesDC).

I ride often, mostly sporadically, but generally plan ahead so that I can invite my friends, and strangers for the ride; it’s more fun with a group…

I hope you can join me, I’ll post my rides here and also on the MORE Calendar.

Hope to see you on the trail or the road!