Had a chance to visit the recording studios of Will Niccolls, host of the Angry Mountain Biker Podcast, this evening to talk about mountain biking in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia regions. First time since I’ve been behind the mic since retiring the UnitedMania.com podcast.

Will and I chatted about my books, including Best Bike Rides DC, Mountain Biking the Washington DC/Baltimore Area and my upcoming book, Mountain Biking Virginia.

I recently finished documenting nearly 40 rides and over 20 honorable mentions throughout the Old Dominion. The book, which will be published by Falcon Guides, is currently in production and will be out in the early spring of 2017. I gave the Angry Mountain Biker a sneak preview of some of the trails that will be available in the new book, including a few gems I found i southern Virginia while documenting trails across the Old Dominion.

We also talked about existing trails detailed in my other books and chatted about the Mid Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE), how I started mountain biking, and how I ended up writing my cycling guides.

Will and I also talked about my good friend Scott Scudamore and his contributions to the sport and our mountain biking community. The International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) will be recognizing outstanding volunteers with the Scott Scudamore Award.

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